Isabella Child Development Center

A free preschool serving eligible 3 and 4 year olds


Reminder: If you still have paperwork to return to school please do so as soon as possible.

Important Dates

Sept. 19th: AM  Walking Field Trip

                  Mill Pond Park


We are excited to start the school year and look forward to getting to know the children and their families.  Each month we will be sending a newsletter home with helpful information for you. Please keep them handy throughout the month and refer to them as needed.

                       Recyclable Materials Wanted

We are in need of recyclable materials children can use in our art area. Things we would like include cardboard tubes, small cardboard boxes, or packing materials. We are also collecting empty food packages to add to our house area.

Fun Things to Do Together

*Enjoy the last days of summer by visiting one of the parks in the area and playing together with your child.

*Visit a Farmers’ Market and let your child choose a new fruit or vegetable to try.

*Make reading a book or two a part of your child’s bedtime routine if it isn’t already.

September Newsletter


The Best Learning is Active Learning

  Active learning takes advantage of children’s natural desire to move and touch. Young children love to manipulate items and explore new ideas. They enjoy the opportunity to see how things work and to test their own theories.

  Active learning takes advantage of children’s natural motivations, abilities and interests. Kids get lots of opportunities to investigate what interest them---to solve problems, discover relationships, and make comparisons.

  Children use all their senses to make discoveries: How heavy is it? Does it smell: can I find another one that feels the same? What does it sound like when I drop it? How is it different from the other items? Using their hands, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth to explore an item, children gather more information and remember what they learn.

  As they interact directly with the environment, children not only gather sensory information, they also refine their senses and motor skills. For example, it takes very refined movement of the hands and fingers to produce the penmanship required for writing. Squeezing clay, picking up puzzle pieces, and lacing threads through beads are ways for young children to practice using hands and fingers.

  We organize the classroom environment to promote active learning, and we do lots of things to encourage children to think and talk about their discoveries and creations. The next time you want your child to learn about something, provide the materials space, and time. Then step back and watch. You will be surprised at how much more the child will discover through active involvement.