Isabella Child Development Center

A free preschool serving eligible 3 and 4 year olds

Important Dates

Oct. 17: Field Trip to Farmers’  Market

Oct. 24: Family Night

              More details soon.

Oct. 31: Halloween


We will be observing Halloween by reading books and singing songs, talking about costumes and exploring pumpkins.  We will not be having a celebration with costumes.  Costumes make it difficult for children to use the bathroom independently or they get dirty at school and children are upset when it is time for trick or treating. Enjoy costumes on Halloween with your child as you trick or treat.

We need your help!

Children are still learning school routines. During our outside time, children are alerted when it is almost time to stop playing and in a few minutes teachers announce clean-up time.  You can help your child learn the end of day routine by guiding them to end their play, help put toys away and get their backpacks. When a few children continue to play it confuses other children about why they aren’t able to play also.

October Newsletter


Fun Things to Do With Your Child

*Take a walk outside and look for signs that fall is here.

*Have some fun and get some exercise by raking a big pile of leaves and jumping in it.

*Make reading a book or two a part of your child’s bedtime routine if it isn’t already.

The Power of Play

 In a good early childhood program there is a lot of play and there should be!  Years of research document the many benefits of play for children’s development.   

  Children at play are actively involved in creating themes, exploring and establishing environments, solving problems, and developing shared understanding.

  Children play in many ways. They play independently, sometimes near each other but with each child doing his/her own thing.  They do parallel play which is when they may be using the same toys and talking together but not coordinating their play.  As children get older their play turns more cooperative.  They organize roles and scenarios together.

 As children play with each other, they learn to see things from the other’s point of view and become more empathetic and caring. They use language to describe their play and interact with others. And in play they develop muscles and coordination.

  Teachers support children’s play by providing space, opportunity, and materials. We make sure they have time to choose and to become engaged in their own play activities. And when we provide them with simple, interesting materials children take it from there!

 Play is fun! But it also is serious work that has big benefits to eager young learners.

Recyclable Materials Wanted

We are in need of recyclable materials children can use in our art area. Things we would like include cardboard tubes, small cardboard boxes, and interestingly shaped packing materials.